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The medical tourism is currently a booming multimillion-dollar industry. This combines a holiday with an executive check-up, or surgery, in Thailand, Singapore, or India. It won’t break the bank of Patient and the doctors are extremely good.

In any medical condition the patient desires few of the major factors which drive them to go to that hospital for treatment and most importantly Asian Hospitals have all those factors, so let’s find out the reason behind the rise of medical tourism in Asian region:

(a) Asian Hospitals have an excellent professional skill

(b) Asian Hospitals tries to least down the waiting period for surgery/intervention

(c) Asian Hospitals have comprehensive medical care under one roof

(d) Asian Hospitals have excellent post-operative care

(e) Asian Hospitals have cost-effective treatment

(f) Asian Hospitals have medical institutes and hospitals of international standard.

(g) Asian Hospitals have availability of interpreters

(h) Asian Hospitals have to highlight the medical facilities available through their respective embassies and medical tourism operators

(h) Asian Hospitals have availability of air ambulances.

Asia is an important mainstream option providing a solution to all the above needs. The professional skills of Asian DermatologistsCardiologistsNeurologistsCritical Care Specialists, and surgeons can be matched with any Western counterpart. Majorly in India, Thailand, and Singapore, the hospitals are extremely well equipped with all modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities.

Moreover, the working system is such that most all cross-reference and investigations are completed within 24 to 48 hours so that the waiting period for treatment is significantly minimized. The highest level of post-operative care service is provided which includes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

One of the biggest advantages in these Asian countries is that they significantly reduce the cost of all medical procedures. Most of the patients come from Middle East countries, but now patients from Western countries like the USA, UK, and Europe are also coming for the best medical treatment at a cheaper price. There is no separate registry available of foreign patients, hence number cannot be judged.

In brief, some of the attractions to draw foreign patients are:
Availability of the latest medical technologies
Adherence to international quality standards
Reduced costs
No language barrier. Availability of interpreters
Excellent hospitality right from the day of admission to discharge
Surgical and intervention results are comparable with Western counterparts.

In few hospitals, a separate wing is reserved for foreign patients and their special dietary needs are also catered.

Parameters to evaluate the growth of Medical Science: Dermatology, Cardiology, Neuroscience, Critical Care and Surgery?

There have been a few important factors in the growth of Medical Science: DermatologyCardiology, Neurology, Critical Care and Surgery.

At first, one of the main stimulating factors in the growth has been the rising cases of disorders related to skin problem, cardiovascular diseases, neurological imbalance, critical care management. As per the reference from one of the popular articles from the Indian Journal of Medical Research, it proofs that due to genetic factors, the onset of Asian is almost a decade earlier than the Western population.

Double and triple vessel coronary disease is more common among Asians and majorly in Indians. As such there was an increased awareness of these diseases. This led to more diagnostic and therapeutic options being explored. Secondly, there was an increasing emphasis on training and education of young research investigators. This was significantly enhanced by interactions with invited international experts who gave practical demonstrations in their field of research. Thirdly the increasing demand and advancements in medical devices and instrumentation played an important role in growth. There has been a massive growth of medical industries which greatly helped in earlier diagnosis, prognosis, and management of health disorders. Last, the growing of high-quality hospitals in the private sector providing excellent healthcare services added to this growth.

What are new areas of development in Asian Medical Field: Cardiology, Critical Care, Neurology, Critical Care and Surgery?

In every field of medical sciences (cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, dermatology, critical care, and cardiac surgery) there has been notable progress in the last few years. In surgery, beating heart surgery, minimally invasive surgery, robotic and total endoscopic coronary bypass surgery, advances in valve repair, aortic surgeries, pediatric congenital cardiac corrective surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, etc. are some of the advances.

There has been significant progress in invasive and non-invasive medical devices which has made a tremendous impact.

There has been a progressive sophistication in all catheterisation laboratory in the form of high resolution, low radiation, multiple view high frame rate systems, digital enhancing systems, 3-D imaging, etc. Asian countries have good digital biplane cath lab system.

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