From Chemical Signals to Binary Numbers

In the real world, while walking down the streets, climbing up the steps, watching a boy passing by on his red colored bi-cycle, each and everything we see, and feel is processed in our brain and is stored there. It is on us to use and manipulate those data. But such a vast amount of data being processed through our neurons and being stored somewhere in our brain is not accessible every time and is likely not to get harvested more usefully as it should be.

Understanding the given data is more important because data can be harvested, and the question is what we should be doing with them.

Neuroscience: Looking Way Ahead

The above-discussed scenario is very similar in a neurological study, in that huge efforts have been made toward collecting vast and rich amounts of data from the human brain. Scientists are now able to communicate, interpret and listen to a large part of brain cells at once.

Advancement in this filed has proven useful in research, treatment, and diagnosis. Processing the data at a very substantial speed after collecting the data is a major obstacle now.

Is This Effort Worth Making?

Going forward, the development will grow enormously benefiting the upcoming generation with hi-tech technologies in various fields. The Brain- Machine interaction and Brian- Computer interaction has already been improvised and there are some examples to prove that like Brain controlling Arial drone and prosthetic limb to make the work done. The use of it is beyond. 

The innovation of the new method will allow scientist to access the information from millions of neurons and decode the signals in no time.

Martin Garwicz- Professors of neurophysiology at the Neuronano Research Centre explains how their methods are ahead of interventions (electroencephalogram- where the electrodes are placed on the scalp) It helps to understand the interaction of 1 million neurons which transform the ability to understand the conversation. And find the patterns in what’s communicated, and instantly respond to it. This makes their method possible.