Cardio Exercise Benefits and History


Any exercise, which results in the increase of heart rate than steady-state tolerance workouts for a certain time. Cardio helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with muscular functioning. We should be maintaining a moderately increased heart rate for 150 minutes, for 7 days can be considered for a healthy and fit cardio exercise. In general, the heart rate is measured as 55-70% of the maximum. It reaches 70-80% in high-intensity exercises. Today in the market we can avail of many cardio measuring technology devices. These devices help in tracking the heart rate. Apart from cardio health the exercise also helps in muscle shape and condition. The cardiovascular system is maintained with capillaries carrying oxygen to muscles. Thus, fat is burnt down during both exercise and taking rest.

Cardio History

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper in the 1960’s had introduced a physical exercise to prevent a type of sickness that affected coronary artery. In the initial days, it was used at an Air force hospital, to benefit the military. Dr. Kenneth published his book in 1968, where he has used the term Aerobics. With the aim of improvising the cardio fitness, Jackie Sorenson who is a dancer used and developed dance routines and named it Aerobic Dance.

Howard and Karen Schwartz developed other types of aerobics called sport-aerobics in 1983, which later followed for the initial National Aerobic championship in 1994. People had to dance for 1 min and 45-sec routine dance music in this championship.

In accordance with the statistics of, from the year 1978 and 1987, people doing the aerobic dancing had a rise form 6-19 million.

Gin-Miller, using her porch steps to give up her weak knee with low impact stepping set to the musical rhythm. Sport-aerobics has been changed to Gymnastic in 1996.


When one starts to implement cardio to the daily timetable, they can start to see good results in no time. Cardio helps in developing endurance. Basing on the cardio workouts we do, the benefits are even based like, mobility, balance, and strength. Some of the advantages are,

  • helps in burning fat and reduce the cellulite content
  • helps in strengthening the bones, muscles
  • reducing the daily risks
  • stress and strain are relieved, boosts your mood releasing feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream
  • helps in increase of the oxygen flow into the cells, muscles, and organs
  • one can have good sleep, relaxation and rest
  • one can prevent depression

Some of the simple cardio exercises that a woman can follow are walking, running, jumping rope, cycling, rowing, burpees, rollbacks, mountain climber push-ups, high-intensity interval training, bear crawls, squat jumps, staircase exercise.

For men, the exercises vary depending on the type of structure they want to attain. Some of them are elliptical, running, stair climber, jumping rope, kettlebells, cycling, swimming, rowing, high-intensity interval training, sprinting, etc.

Aerobics and Technology

The world has emerged out as a techie, one can stream the aerobic classes watch and practice at home itself right on phone or television. There apps available on the go to make to exercise, guide throughout the workout session.


People try to criticize in every field. In the same way, cardio has gone through many stages to be what it is today. Leaving a few of it to criticisms, cardio exercises have many health advantages and proper functioning of the body.