As per the latest statistics, 1 in every 4 dies due to Heart Disease throughout the world. It’s a common disease due to unhealthy living style in this modern world. Earlier Heart Diseases used to be an old age problem, but it is common in every age group nowadays. There are many reasons due to which heart failure or heart-related issues occur.

Few of the Heart Disease-causing reasons are:

1. Food: Having basic food and in taking natural food items is very rare nowadays. Fast foods have become part of our lives. We depend on cheese, oily foods and carbonated drinks which highly affects our digestive system affecting our entire health. These Fats are not recognized by our body and gets deposited on the walls of the arteries affecting the blood circulation and later the low blood flow to different part of the body end up creating disease.

2. No Workout: We are in a generation where we are progressing a lot towards Automation, be it home automation, AI or First Robot Citizen Sophia. Our day to day life has less or no workout schedules. Which is a result is decreasing our body’s functional capability. Our body is made in the way that it should keep moving, we know the fact the less we workout the bone density becomes low. If you do 12-20 min of exercise, which will improve the blood circulation reduce osteoporosis risk, keep you healthy and motivated.

3. Stress: The feeling of physical and emotional tension. Maximum percentage of the population is working in the corporate industry, they live a hectic and stressful life. Overstress is one of the major reasons for heart attacks and heart failures. Our nervous system is not very good to differentiate between physical and emotional threats, If you are super stressed over any of the reasons like project deadline, an argument with close one, pending bills, You’re body will react just as same as you are facing a life and death situation.

So now the question arises is what we can do to overcome heart problems and lead a healthy life.

We have to keep in mind that our body is the lifetime partner from birth to death, so start caring yourself without your partner nothing is possible in the journey of life, so there are few tips on staying healthy and keeping your heart healthy:

1- Have a Planned Schedule: Plan your daily work properly including your morning Exercise, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and spend time with your loved one which will make you happy and keep the tension and stress away. Planning your day and being pre-planned lowers the stress and relaxes the blood pressure in the body.

2- Healthy Food: Having healthy food is the best way and contributes 75% part in making a body healthy. One should start his/her day with light breakfast, with food having high Fiber and Protein and Glucose content but less in quantity. Lunch should be a combination of Vitamin-rich foods, Proteins, and Fiber. Have healthy snacks in the evening and finally conclude your day with light food. Everyone is different and the amount of vitamin, minerals and other nutrients required to your body will vary in person. So, it will be great if you do a little bit of research on the internet or consult any qualified nutrition. As everyone has a different body and different body requirement with different field of work.

3- Exercise: Best exercise recommended for a body is Aerobic Exercises, exercises which results in high breathing like Swimming, Jogging, and Aerobics. Workouts result in more circulation of the body which in result decrease the fat content in the arteries and body. Good things take time. Be consistent, follow the schedule, food, exercise and soon you will see the difference.

Nothing is tough, to avoid oily foods, wake up early and go for jogging. But don’t forget your thoughts is the barrier, once you attain good health you will get addicted to being like that.