The world is going through tough times as all the nations are fighting the contagious Coronavirus (COVID-19). The coronavirus cases throughout the globe have crossed the mark of 7 Lakhs and is still spreading fast. The World Health Organisation, WHO and The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC are continuously monitoring the coronavirus pandemic situation. Without vaccination or confirmed medication, the humankind is fighting with the toughest disease outbreak of this century.

Episirus Scientifica is providing all the support to its members, staff, employees and onsite organizers in these tough times. The organization is ascertaining the situation and will be reviewing the situation until May 30th, 2020. The conference may be postponed if the coronavirus spread doesn’t stop by then. All the participants shall be informed of the situation through email if the postponement of the conference takes place. We ask for your kind support and patience as the organization is trying its level best to have a positive outcome.

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